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Level Finance - The Sophisticated Perpetual DEX with Risk Tiers

Gabriel Abreu, Kassandra DAO

Level Finance is revolutionizing the DeFi space with its innovative tranching system, offering better risk management for on-chain trading. Now available on Arbitrum, this perp DEX is setting new standards in the crypto world. Discover how to participate in this exciting journey through Kassandra's community pools.


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has come a long way since its inception. From simple lending protocols to complex derivative markets, the DeFi ecosystem has evolved to offer a wide array of financial products that were traditionally the domain of centralized institutions. Today, blockchain technology is not only enabling transparent and permissionless financial services but also introducing intricate financial products with varying degrees of risk and return.

Level Finance is a decentralized perpetual exchange (perp DEX) redefining risk management in DeFi. Unlike other perp DEXs, Level Finance offers a sophisticated tranching system that allows liquidity providers to segment their investments based on their risk appetite. Deployed on Arbitrum and soon to expand as an omni-chain platform, Level Finance stands as a beacon for the future of risk-managed decentralized trading.

Level Finance Explained

The growing popularity of perpetual decentralized exchanges (perp DEXs) stems from several factors, including a decrease in ETH held on centralized platforms and a market driven by fear and uncertainty. However, this explosion in popularity has also raised new challenges—chief among them is risk management. With more people trading on these platforms, the risk associated with poor liquidity and market manipulation has increased substantially.

Level Finance has ingeniously addressed these challenges by introducing a tranching system. This framework allows liquidity providers to choose specific tranches that align with their risk tolerance. By doing so, Level Finance has tackled long-tail risks, isolating them to tranches that attract investors with a higher risk appetite. This design contributes significantly to the broader crypto-ecosystem by enabling safer and more efficient trading environments.

Built from scratch, Level Finance utilizes Chainlink oracles for accurate price feeds and offers a range of assets like BTC and ETH. The protocol aims to integrate cross-chain swaps in the future and establish itself as an omni-chain trading hub, further cementing its position as a leader in the DeFi space.

The Dual-Token Ecosystem

Level Finance operates on a dual-token model, consisting of LVL and LGO tokens. LVL serves as the utility token, offering functionalities like staking and revenue-earning, while LGO acts as the governance token, giving holders a say in the ecosystem's future through the Level DAO.

By separating governance and utility functionalities into two distinct tokens, Level Finance has created a balanced ecosystem that caters to different stakeholder needs. This separation allows for efficient resource allocation and avoids the pitfalls of excessive demand for either governance or utility, ensuring a sustainable and fair system for all users.

Tokenomics Level Finance

The Level Finance ecosystem operates on a dual-token model: LVL and LGO. LVL, the utility token, has a max supply of 50 million and serves multiple functions, such as staking and earning platform revenue. On the other hand, LGO, the governance token, has a max supply of 1,000 and is central to decision-making within the Level DAO.

Recent governance proposals have led to changes in LVL's tokenomics, and a new bonding mechanism has been introduced involving an unvested token called preLVL. LGO emissions are dynamically set at 80% of the DAO's fees, capping the total weekly reward at 3.5 LGO. This makes both tokens not just functional but also highly adaptive to the ecosystem's needs.

Security and Trust

Level Finance has faced security challenges, including exploits that led to the loss of tokens. However, the platform's swift response and transparent handling of these incidents underscore its commitment to user security. Fixes were deployed, and security protocols were tightened to prevent similar occurrences.

The protocol operates with high-level security features, including Chainlink oracles for accurate price feeds and robust smart contract audits. These measures contribute to building trust within the Level Finance community.

Final Thoughts

Level Finance aims to redefine the DeFi landscape by becoming an omni-chain platform. With plans to integrate cross-chain swaps and further enhance its unique tranching system, Level Finance is well-positioned to become a leading player in the DeFi sector.

The platform's focus on risk management, transparency, and adaptability makes it a potentially revolutionary force in decentralized finance. Its dual-token ecosystem and innovative features set it apart from existing solutions, marking it as a game-changer.

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Either way, Level Finance offers an exciting blend of risk management and profitability, making it a prime investment opportunity in the rapidly evolving DeFi space.

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