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Kassandra has audited smart contracts and has been working with decentralized technology for over three years, enabling managers, investors, and brokers to work with decentralized tokenized portfolios.


Earn deposit fees for sharing tokenized portfolios and attract more investors to your decentralized portfolio.


With low slippage investment and automatic rebalancing, your decentralized portfolio can be available 24/7.


All assets invested on the Kassandra platform stay in audited smart contracts, and only the investor can remove these assets. This feature makes Kassandra Platform an autocustodial system for decentralized portfolios.

Fund Admin

You can change the weight, add, and remove assets from your portfolio without complications.

Simplifying Tokenized Portfolios Interaction

With Kassandra, you can create a decentralized portfolio with an easy-to-use interface, eliminating all complexities associated with managing crypto assets. We have developed a decentralized platform with similar characteristics to hedge funds and ETFs, but decentralized. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily share these portfolios with family and friends and earn.


For Investors

Kassandra prioritizes investor protection through decentralized systems, featuring whitelisted tokens, audited vaults, and gradual rebalancing. Teamed with ParaSwap, we offer a low slippage system for seamless portfolio investment, eliminating the need for manual strategy adjustments. Our decentralized portfolio marketplace enables you to select the ideal portfolio aligning with your vision.

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For Managers

With an easy-to-use interface, you can manage portfolios by simply choosing the composition and percentage allocation without complications. With Kassandra, you can create incentives to build a community around your portfolio, by splitting your deposit fee with brokers through our "Share & Earn" feature.

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