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Polygon Ecosystem Managed Pool - How to Strategically Invest on Polygon

Gabriel Abreu, Kassandra DAO

Get ahead of the curve with Kassandra's pECO pool, designed to optimize your investments in the Polygon ecosystem. From strategic exposure to dynamic portfolio management, here's why pECO is your next smart move in DeFi.


The DeFi world is an ever-changing landscape, teeming with opportunities yet fraught with complexities. Multi-token pools have become increasingly significant in this scenario, offering investors a balanced and diversified avenue to navigate the volatility and potential of the DeFi markets.

At Kassandra, we are constantly driven by innovation and the quest for optimized financial solutions. This vision led us to develop the Polygon Ecosystem (pECO) pool. Designed to capture the essence and potential of Polygon's rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem, pECO is more than just an investment pool—it's a strategic financial instrument that aligns with the future of decentralized finance.

What is pECO, the Polygon Ecosystem Managed Pool?

Polygon has emerged as one of the frontrunners in the Layer 2 solutions space, offering scalability, low transaction fees, and a rich ecosystem of DeFi protocols. Amid this vibrant landscape, the Polygon Ecosystem (pECO) pool serves as a curated collection of the most promising protocols on the Polygon network, as determined by their Total Value Locked (TVL).

By investing in pECO, you're not merely diversifying your portfolio; you're strategically positioning yourself to benefit from the top-performing assets in the Polygon network. This pool gives you streamlined access to various assets, each carefully selected for its proven strength, resilience, and potential for high returns.


Gain Exposure to the Top TVL Assets in the Polygon Ecosystem


The rapid growth of DeFi on Polygon is both an opportunity and a challenge. On one hand, the myriad of available protocols allows for ample investment opportunities. On the other, it makes the task of selecting the right assets increasingly complex. The risk of choosing poorly performing or even fraudulent projects is a reality investors must contend with.

This is where pECO comes into play. Our pool takes the guesswork out of asset selection by offering a diversified portfolio of proven protocols. Curated by experts who understand the nuances of the Polygon ecosystem, pECO is an optimized investment vehicle designed to maximize returns while minimizing risks. By focusing on assets with high TVL, solid utility, and strong community backing, we ensure that your investment is safe and primed for growth.

Token Allocations

An investment pool is only as strong as its underlying assets, and pECO is no different. We've devised a dynamic token allocation strategy that evolves with the Polygon ecosystem. Excluding MATIC, which holds a fixed 30% due to its critical role in Polygon, allocations will be adjusted monthly based on each protocol's TVL.

This adaptive approach ensures that pECO remains attuned to the ever-changing dynamics of the DeFi space on Polygon. It not only captures the best current opportunities but also allows the fund to pivot as new leaders emerge within the ecosystem.

We've set stringent criteria for tokens to be included in the pECO pool. These criteria are designed to ensure that the pool consists of assets that are not only high-performing but also trustworthy and stable.

  1. High TVL on Polygon: A high Total Value Locked indicates a protocol's value and trust within the ecosystem.
  2. Demonstrated Value and Use Case: Tokens must belong to projects that have proven their utility and are actively used on the Polygon network.
  3. Solid Liquidity: Tokens must have a strong liquidity backing on reputable DEXs within the Polygon ecosystem.

Delisting Criteria

In DeFi, staying vigilant is key. Tokens will be delisted from the pECO pool under the following circumstances:

  1. Severe Protocol Vulnerabilities: Any compromise in the underlying protocol's security.
  2. Decline in Adoption or Volume: A consistent and notable drop in user interaction and transaction volume.
  3. Integrity Issues: Any actions or changes that could potentially compromise the project's long-term stability and reputation.
    Fee Structure


Transparency is one of our core values at Kassandra, and our fee structure reflects this commitment:

  • Management Fee: A nominal 2% annual charge for ongoing pool management.
  • Referral Fee: An additional 0.2% fee for each new investor introduced to the pool.
  • Deposit Fee: A one-time fee of 0.1% on the deposit value.

These fees are designed to cover operational costs while ensuring that most of the pool's gains directly benefit our investors.

Why Invest in the Polygon Ecosystem Pool?

  1. Strategic Exposure: The pECO pool offers targeted investments in the Polygon ecosystem, focusing on assets with high TVL and robust performance.
  2. Dynamic Portfolio: Our adaptive allocation strategy ensures that the pool's assets are continually optimized, balancing both stability and high returns.
  3. Managed by Kassandra: With years of expertise in DeFi and asset management, you can trust Kassandra's team to navigate the complexities of the Polygon network.
  4. Transparent Fees: Our fee structure is designed to be straightforward and fair, with a 2% annual management fee and nominal deposit and referral fees.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

Your next step into the ever-evolving world of DeFi is right here. Invest in the pECO pool today to capitalize on the growth and diversification of the Polygon ecosystem. Invest Now

Want to Be a Trailblazer?

If you've ever thought about managing your own investment pool, Kassandra's Manager Incentive Program is the ideal platform to turn that dream into reality. Receive all the support you need to kickstart your pool, and you may even qualify for marketing support if your pool meets our criteria.

Don't just be a spectator in the DeFi revolution. Take an active role by investing in pECO or by creating your own tailored pool. The future is not just to be predicted; it's to be shaped. And you can be a part of that transformation.


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