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DeFi Blue Chips Managed Pool - How to Invest with High Return and Low-Risk on Polygon

Gabriel Abreu, Kassandra DAO

Invest smartly in DeFi with Kassandra's DeFi Blue Chips (Polygon) pool. This pool offers a simplified yet effective strategy focusing on high-market-cap tokens in Polygon's robust ecosystem. With dynamic monthly adjustments and transparent fees, it's the ideal investment for newcomers and seasoned DeFi enthusiasts. Don't miss out on the growth potential of Polygon's leading protocols—invest now to secure your financial future.


"Blue Chips" is a term borrowed from traditional finance to denote companies that are reliable, profitable, and less risky for investors. In the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) world, Blue Chips refers to protocols that have proven their worth through consistent performance and robust market capitalization. 

Kassandra has taken this principle to Polygon, creating the DeFi Blue Chips (Polygon) pool. The aim is straightforward: provide investors with a simplified way to get exposure to Polygon's leading DeFi protocols.

What is DeFi Blue Chips (Polygon)?

The DeFi Blue Chips (Polygon) pool offers a one-stop investment solution targeting top-performing DeFi protocols on the Polygon network. By focusing on the market cap as the primary criterion for inclusion, the pool aims to reduce investment risk while capturing the growth of the most robust protocols. This pool allows investors to buy into a basket of top tokens, saving them the hassle of individually picking and managing a portfolio of assets.

As DeFi becomes more complex, the need for simplified, effective investment strategies grows. Picking winners in a rapidly evolving ecosystem is challenging, even for seasoned investors. The DeFi Blue Chips (Polygon) pool addresses this by offering a vetted selection of top-performing assets. It's a straightforward way to benefit from the upside of the leading protocols without constantly monitoring the market for shifts and trends.

Initial Token Allocation

The pool's initial token allocation is strategically designed to capture the growth potential of leading DeFi protocols on Polygon. Here's the breakdown:

Token allocations aren't set in stone; they are adjusted monthly based on the market capitalization of each protocol. This dynamic strategy ensures that the pool remains aligned with Polygon's most robust and promising projects.

Criteria for Token Inclusion and Exclusion

To qualify for inclusion, tokens must come from well-regarded projects with substantial usage and must be available on Polygon with robust liquidity on reputable DEXes. 

Tokens will be delisted if they reveal severe protocol vulnerabilities, show a consistent decline in adoption, or undergo drastic changes that could compromise their integrity.

Fee Structure

The fee structure is transparent and investor-friendly:

  1. Management Fee: 2% annually
  2. Referral Fee: 0.2% for each new investor
  3. Deposit Fee: 0.1% of the deposit value

Why Invest in DeFi Blue Chips (Polygon)?

Investing in DeFi Blue Chips (Polygon) offers the best of both worlds: the growth potential of DeFi and the security of established, high-market-cap tokens. Don't miss the opportunity to simplify your investment strategy while capturing substantial returns. Invest now to secure your share of Polygon's top-performing assets.


Gain Exposure to the Top-performing Assets in the Polygon Ecosystem



The DeFi Blue Chips (Polygon) pool aligns perfectly with Kassandra's broader vision of offering simplified yet effective investment solutions in the DeFi space. 

This pool minimizes risk by focusing on market-cap leaders while maximizing exposure to high-growth opportunities.

Invest now in this low-risk option of a managed pool! Just remember to always conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

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