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Arbitrum Ecosystem Managed Pool - How to Strategically Invest on Arbitrum

Gabriel Abreu, Kassandra DAO

Stay ahead of the game with Kassandra's aECO pool, meticulously crafted to optimize your investments in the Arbitrum ecosystem. Discover why aECO is your next intelligent step in the DeFi landscape, from strategic asset selection to dynamic portfolio management.


In DeFi, the only constant is change. From rapid technological advancements to volatile market conditions, navigating the DeFi landscape can be complex. 

That's where multi-token pools come in, offering a diverse and balanced approach to asset management. Kassandra is thrilled to introduce our latest offering in this innovative space: the Arbitrum Ecosystem (aECO) pool. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the aECO pool aligns with our overarching vision to provide strategic investment opportunities that offer both security and high growth potential.

What is aECO, the Arbitrum Ecosystem Managed Pool?

The Arbitrum Ecosystem (aECO) pool is designed to provide investors with strategic exposure to leading protocols on the Arbitrum network, based on their Total Value Locked (TVL). 

Arbitrum has emerged as a game-changer in the DeFi space, offering fast, secure, and scalable solutions. By focusing on assets that have proven their strength and resilience in the Arbitrum ecosystem, the aECO pool aims to keep investors one step ahead in this dynamic market.

The Arbitrum network has seen explosive growth, but with growth comes complexity. Investors face the daunting task of sifting through a myriad of assets, each with its own risk and reward profile. This can make asset selection and management increasingly challenging. 

The aECO pool is our answer to this issue, offering a carefully curated, optimized investment vehicle. We’ve done the heavy lifting, scrutinizing each asset to ensure it meets our strict criteria for inclusion, thus providing you with a diverse but secure investment opportunity.


Gain Exposure to the Top TVL Assets in the Arbitrum Ecosystem


Initial Token Allocation

Investors in the aECO pool can expect a diversified portfolio of assets, each carefully selected based on their Total Value Locked (TVL) and overall performance in the Arbitrum ecosystem. The initial token allocation is as follows:

To ensure the aECO pool remains at the forefront of the Arbitrum ecosystem's ever-changing landscape, token allocations, excluding ARB, will be adjusted monthly. 

These adjustments will align with the latest TVL metrics on the Arbitrum network, allowing the pool to stay relevant and optimized for maximum potential returns.

Criteria for Token Inclusion

Inclusion in the aECO pool isn't arbitrary. Tokens must meet rigorous criteria, including:

  • Demonstrated value and utility within the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • High TVL on Arbitrum, indicating strong trust and utility.
  • Robust liquidity on reputable decentralized exchanges within the Arbitrum network.

Delisting Criteria

Tokens can be removed from the aECO pool portfolio under specific circumstances, such as:

  • Severe protocol vulnerabilities.
  • A consistent and notable decline in adoption or transaction volume.
  • Drastic changes that could compromise a project's integrity.

Fee Structure

Investing in the aECO pool comes with a transparent fee structure:

  • Management Fee: Charged at 2% annually.
  • Referral Fee: 0.2% for each newly introduced investor.
  • Deposit Fee: 0.1% of the deposit value.

Why Invest in the Arbitrum Ecosystem Pool?

aECO is a window into the future of DeFi. By investing in this pool, you're diversifying your portfolio and strategically positioning yourself in the evolving Arbitrum ecosystem.

With aECO, there's no need to pick favorites. You get a slice of the most promising and disruptive projects in the Arbitrum network, carefully selected and dynamically adjusted.

Rest easy knowing your investment is managed by a team of professionals who understand the intricacies of the Arbitrum network, DeFi trends, and risk management.

A 2% annual management fee, a 0.2% referral fee, and a 0.1% deposit fee make for a straightforward and fair financial structure.

Ready to Dive In?

Your next step into the DeFi landscape is just a click away. Invest in the aECO pool today and be at the forefront of the Arbitrum ecosystem's growth and innovation.

The aECO pool offers more than just an investment opportunity; it's a statement of intent in the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance. 

The pool aligns perfectly with Kassandra’s broader vision of providing optimized, diversified, and future-proof investment avenues. 

Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the DeFi space, the aECO pool is structured to offer you a balanced portfolio with substantial growth potential.

Don't just be a spectator; be a part of the revolution. 

Invest in aECO today and shape your financial future.

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